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A biopsy is a medical test that samples abnormal tissue for examination by a pathologist. A biopsy is helpful in diagnosing problems and developing appropriate treatment plans. Early detection and treatment of oral lesions greatly improve the outcome.

Dr. Lem works in conjuction with a oral pathology laboratory to perform both hard tissue and soft tissue biopsies of the mouth and face.

Arrange a stem-cell-implant

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Stem cells are cells found in most, if not all, multi-cellular organisms. They are characterized by the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and differentiating into a diverse range of specialized cell types.

A research suggests that coating dental implants with a synthetic bone material prior to implantation allows such implant to become incorporated much more successfully into the jaw, leading to smiles all round.

The results of experiments that focused on 'nanostructures'demonstrated enhanced bone response to dental implants as soon as 4 weeks after implant placement.